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  A look at Pierre Coulibeuf  

Pierre Coulibeuf has been making films for some twenty years. Having achieved international recognition, he now presents his works at numerous film festivals as well as on the contemporary art circuit in the form of installations (video-photo) in exhibitions.
Since his decisive meeting with Pierre Klossowski, his artistic project with the film medium appears as a transdisciplinary, transcultural process. Pierre Coulibeuf has made more than thirty films, both short and feature-length, adapting the universes of contemporary artists coming from other disciplines: painting, choreography, performance, photography, literature...
In turn, Pierre Klossowski, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Marina Abramovic, Michel Butor, Jean-Marc Bustamante, Jan Fabre, Meg Stuart and Angelin Preljocaj in particular have lent themselves to the filmmaker's game. Pierre Coulibeuf untiringly questions his relationship to the world, invents his own language far from established forms, questioning the ways of representing reality.

On a visit to the French Film Archives to which the producer Chantal Delanoë (Regards Productions) contributed prints of all his films, the filmmaker enlightens us regarding his career, his creative process, his conception of cinema, his encounters, his projects …
Reference points

Born in Elbeuf (France) in 1949. Lives in Paris. Film-maker and visual artist

  • 1971 Two-years diploma in Law. University of Tours, France.
  • 1974 Arts Degree. University of Paris 7, France. 
  • 1975 Master of Arts on Pierre Klossowski. University of Paris 7, France.
  • 1976 Post-graduate diploma. University of Paris 7, France.
  • 1978 Doctorate in Modern Literature-thesis on Pierre Klossowski and Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. University of Paris 7, France. 
  • 1993 Leonardo da Vinci Grant from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a residency in Italy (Cinema).
  • 1995-1996 Artist in residency at the Center of Contemporary Art of the Domaine de Kerguéhennec, Brittany, France.
  • 2001 Knight of the Arts and Literature’s Order, France.
  • 2013 Nominated for the AAC Award China 2013, Most Influential Foreign Artist in China (the other nominees are Andy Warhol, Marcel Duchamp, Araki Nobuyoshi, Shirin Neshat).

Pierre Coulibeuf
Pierre Coulibeuf
Filmed interview

Muriel Lecarpentier, Chantal Delanoë and Pierre Coulibeuf

On Wednesday, October 8th, 2008. After a visit of the Archives, Muriel Lecarpentier conversed with Pierre Coulibeuf and Chantal Delanoë.
Click on the chapters to view the conversation (Necessary Plugin QuickTime)


> "You're never finished with Klossowski" (18 min)
> "The same and the other" - Re-creation (2 min)
> A meeting with a dilettante artist, Pierre-André Benoit (8 min)
> "Le temps de voir" Series (6 min)
> Michelangelo Pistoletto / Pierre Coulibeuf (14 min)
> The Domaine of Kerguéhennec, the site of "Passages" (14 min)
Story of encounters: Zacharopoulos, Pistoletto, Abramovic, Moulène...


> About the importance of places - The film as object - From member of the audience to viewer (16 min)
> Resonances - Marks - Cinematic affinities (12 min)
> "I am much less interested in digital cinema" (3 min)
> Chantal Delanoë, a producer concerned about her heritage (14 min)


Films notes :

> short and Medium-length films
> feature-length films

> Film festivals (pdf)
> Cinema retrospectives (pdf)
> Filmaker's notes (pdf)


Films on-line :
Click on the titles to view the film (Necessary Plugin QuickTime)

> Lost Paradise
> Magnetic Cinema
> Samout et Moutnefret
> Les Guerriers de la beauté (extrait)
> Somewhere in between (extrait)


Since about ten years, Pierre Coulibeuf's installations have been shown in the international contemporary art network:

> Solo exhibitions (pdf)
> Group exhibitions (pdf)
> Public collections (pdf)


The bibliography on Pierre Coulibeuf was split into several files in the format pdf, downloadable below:

> Bibliography : books
> Bibliography : catalogues
> Bibliography : journals
> Bibliographie : articles and interviews
> Workshops, Thesis, lectures...

Credits and acknowledgements

Text: Muriel Lecarpentier

Index cards of the catalogue: Muriel Lecarpentier and Laurent Bismuth with the help of Chantal Delanoë

Photographs: Regards Productions

Interview: Muriel Lecarpentier, producing and editing: Gilles Langlais

Acknowledgements to Pierre Coulibeuf and Chantal Delanoë for their big availability

Contacts :

> Regards Productions
> Webmaster