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Lost Paradise

2002, 33 mn
starring Jean-Marc Bustamante, Karine Jovelin, Marc-Ernest Fourneau, Agnieszka Slosarska

A fiction (mental journey), Lost Paradise was based on the work by photographer Jean-Marc Bustamante, in particular, starting from a production of the artist: La Maison close (2001), an architecture-sculpture located in Orléans (France).

The film tries to simulate a spiritual arrangement, a movement or attitude, a turn of thought and circumlocutions, a feeling or sensation; in other words, simulating (communicating) an invisible agitation.
If the relationship of Man to the world can be sensed as problematic, and the world itself as uncertain, enigmatic and elusive, the plastic work, and therefore filmic, far from pretending to give meaning to the world can only echo a strange familiarity.
A feeling of melancholy accompanies the little bit of the world's reality, its silent, enigmatic presence: 'the restraint of things in their latent state' (Maurice Blanchot).
Lost Paradise suggests this distance between Man and the world, this state of vague melancholy provoked by a longing for infinity and the abolition of limits-a longing doomed to never being assuaged.

Three places. Three situations with characters.

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