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Somewhere in between

2002, 71 mn
starring Meg Stuart, Michael von Der Heide, Christoph Homberger, Christoph Marthaler, Simone Aughterlony, Graham F. Valentine, Thomas Vodianka, Davis Freeman, Antonija Livingstone, Benoît Lachambre, Philippe Beloul, Varinia Canto Vila, François Brice, Lilia Mestre, Ugo Dehaes

An experimental film-portrait by Pierre Coulibeuf that transposes the research of choreographer Meg Stuart into fiction.

For the film, Meg Stuart re-enacts the behaviours and gestures of individuals in everyday life: the strange or unusual attitudes of a couple of unconventional figures, of two girls in their flat, of a couple in a half-destroyed house, of a girl in an underground parking garage, of another girl who wants to settle in Switzerland and live more or less traumatic experiences... The choreographer's imaginations inspired Pierre Coulibeuf to create a discontinuous film tale, like a mental projection.

> Filmmaker's note (pdf)